Wine list and Cocktail list 

  • As a fine dining restaurant, we have an exquisite selection of carefully selected wine
  • Our cocktails include a range of both classics and unique cocktails
  • All wines listed are discounted by 20% for takeaway 
Red Wine
Red Wine

Rosé Prosecco & Champagne
Rosé Prosecco & Champagne

White Wine
White Wine

Red Wine
Red Wine


Carta dei vini


Pinot Grigio Torresella DOC, Venezia 2019

A dry wine with a straw yellow hue. It stands out for its finesse and its persistence on the nose and palate.

125ml  175ml   250ml Bottle

£6        £6.50   £8.50    £19

Sauvignon Blanc Torresella DOC,Venezia 2019 

A dry wine, buff yellow coloured with greenish highlights. Its herbaceous fragrance, reminiscent of elderflowers. 

125ml  175ml   250ml Bottle

£6.50   £7         £9        £21

Falanghina Vinosia IGT, Campania 2018 £23

Bright straw yellow colour with greenish reflections; its smell is intense with notes of green apples and pear. Fruity and savory on the palate with a good match between smell and taste. 


Chardonnay IGP, Puglia 2018 £27

This Chardonnay from the lands of Puglia has a pale yellow colour, with deliciously fruity and citrus notes, soft yet sapid and with good acidity.


Gavi di Gavi, Podere Merlina DOCG, Piemonte 2019 28

A refined but intense tangy dry white with an intriguing hint of lime.


Verdicchio Tufico DOCG, Marche 2010 £29

Intense ochre with light reflections of gold and green. Complex, headily elegant bouquet and a palate with juicy fruit and vanilla. Aromas emerging in a perfect balance of fruit and acidity. Wonderful length and stunning style.


Greco Di Tufo L’Ariella D.O.C.G, Vinosia, Campania 2017 £29

Pale yellow in colour with a fruity bouquet of overtones of lime leaf, vanilla and apple.


Grillo Vigna Di Mandranova D.O.C, Sicilia 2017 £34   

A wine of great verve and aroma from one of the most renowned vineyards. Notes of citrus and tropical fruit in the mouth, with a long mineral finish. 


Pinot Bianco Alto Adigo D.O.C ,Trentino 2018 £35

Straw-yellow colour with faint greenish highlights leads us into a floral fragrance and a fruity sensation of green apples.


Cuvée 161 Terre Bianche Alghero D.O.C, Torbato 2017 £36

Yellow-golden colour and full-bodied, with a lively acidity perfectly balanced by a mineral tanginessto supports its complex structure, softened by a faint trace of vanilla.


Collio Friulano DOC Borgo Conventi, Veneto 2017 £38

Yellow colour with slight golden highlights. On the nose it has great intensity and complexity, invitingly fragrant and fruit-driven with notes of alpine flowers and a pleasant hint of almond.



Pinot Grigio Rosé Torresella, Venezia 2019

The faint pinkish hue tends towards light copper. Fresh delicate aromas that open up in the glass and an excellent balance between mellow fruit and fresh acidity on the palate

125ml  175ml  250ml  Bottle

£6.30   £6.80   £8.80   £22

Bardolino Chiaretto, Domini Veneti DOC, Veneto 2018 £25  

Brilliant rose colour and a noce that is fresh, with fragrances of rose, violets and red berries. Pleasantly fresh hint of strawberry & raspberry


Rosemara Costaripa DOC, Lombardia 2018 £33

The colour is pale candy pink. On the nose it is inviting, ample with a hint of mayflower. The taste is harmonious, fresh, with excellent persistence.



Nero D’Avola Sibiliana DOC, Sicilia 2018

Very apparent in the glass with a firm presence of aromas like blackcurrant,  red fruit, spices, slightly peppery and soft round tannins. Subtle with the right finesse.

125ml 175ml  250ml  Bottle

£6    £6.50   £8.50    £18

Montepulciano Miravigna DOP, Abruzzo 2017 £20

Ruby red in colour with faint violet hues. A vinous and intense bouquet combines with a pleasantly tannic, full-bodied and harmonious palate


Merlot Torresella, Venezia 2018

A dry red wine with a distinctive alcoholic nose and subtly herbaceous flavours.  The palate puts the accent on structure and softness but there is still plenty of body.

125ml    175ml   250ml   Bottle

£6.50     £7         £9         £21

Bardolino Classico DOC Domini Veneti 2018 £21.5

An elegant red, balanced and well structured. A delightful feel with red and black fruits


Primitivo IGT Vinosia, Salento 2018 £23

Ruby red colour, beautifully floral and fruity nose. With a hint of spice, vanilla and white pepper. Structured and velvety, with excellent balance, harmonious and persistent.


Chianti Villa Vistarenni DOCG, Toscana, 2016 £25

Bright ruby tending towards garnet. Penetrating aromas of fruit and spices.Well-structured, balanced and long lasting.


Barbera d’Alba DOC Luigi Coldero, 2016 £28

This Barbera has a ruby-red colour as well as an elegant nose with the fruity flavours of cherries and plums. The wine is soft on the palate with a wonderful richness and a pleasant acidity. 


Pinot Nero Kettmeir IGT, Alto Adige 2018 £35

Light ruby-red in colour. The bouquet is filled with strawberry and raspberry notes. A harmonious, savoury, juicy wine,with a refreshing body.


Sassoalloro Biondi Santi 2016 £40

Ruby colored, fresh and fruity on the nose, with red cherry and spice.


Brunello di Montalcino, Toscana 2014 £50

A ruby colour with violet hues, and its bouquet is ample and complex with stunning notes of ripe red berries and plum, and hints of spice.


Ruffino Romitorio, Di Santedame, Toscana 2006 £54

Deep ruby red colour with a fine, elegant body. Aged for 12 months in small oak casks to achieve a perfect balance between the rich red fruit flavours and the hints of vibrant spices.


Amarone Domini Veneti, Campania 2015 £55   

Its colour is ruby red, dense and compact, with an intense and ethereal bouquet, with fruity hints of cherry and dried prunes, dried flowers and spice. In the mouth it is full-bodied and extremely smooth, with beautifully balanced velvety tannins.


Barolo DOCG Luigi Oddero, Piemonte 2005 £59

Bright garnet red colour which tends towards brick red with age. The nose is rich and complex with notes of forest fruit, herbs, dry flowers, liquorice and pine. Long and persistent finish.


Barbaresco Pelissero D.O.C.G, Piemonte 2000 £65

Intense ruby red, both fruity and floral notes, velvety mouthfeel leaving a typical sweetness and roundness of the ripe grapes with a slightly dry and astringent finish. 


Prosecco Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene DOCG, Venezia

A brilliant pale colour with fine perlage, this is a very clean, fresh sparkling wine. The aromas of green apple and peach blossom.

  125ml      Bottle

£7.50     £29

Prosecco Rose Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene DOCG, Venezia £30

This pale pink wine brings a full bouquet of pleasing floral aromas with hints of red berry, artfully crafted with a blend of white wine.


Champagne Laurent Perrier Brut £55

Dominant of Chardonnay grapes variety, expertly blended with Pinot Noir and Meunier before  ageing in the house’s cellars. The nose is fresh and delicate, bursting with hints of citrus and white fruit.


Champagne Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé £110

This Rose Champagne, with its distinctive bottle, is one for connoisseurs. Using only Pinot Noir from Grand Cru villages and the more unusual soak-on-the-skins method, it has delicious raspberry  and redcurrant fruit flavours with a subtle brioche finish.


Veuve Clicquot Brut £90

The signature of Veuve Clicquot’s quality and style, on the nose, aromas of peaches and raisins reflect the grape varietals, while the ageing process results in notes of vanilla and toasted brioche. Fresh and full-bodied, it is very structured with a robust acidity and streak of minerality.


Veuve Clicquot Brut Rosé £99

The wonderful pink colour comes from the addition of a red wine that has been carefully fermented to give a seductive body and balance. Perfectly balanced with wild strawberries, blackberries and brioche. The aroma is with generous raspberry and cherry with pastry and almond finish.


Bollinger Special Cuvee £95

Made from three famous grape varieties - Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier, exceptional tasting notes were developed from the maturation process. Golden colour of unique black grape varieties, complex aromas of ripe fruit and hints of roasted apples, apple compote and peaches, finishing with a fresh walnut flavour.

Dessert wine (75ml)

Moscato D’Asti Bersano DOCG Piemonte 2018 £4

Vin Santo Serelle Ruffino, 2015 £4.80

Lambrusco Ariola, Terre di calicella, Campania £4.80



Kir Royal £12

Prosecco  with Creme de Cassis

Rossini £9

Prosecco with fresh strawberries

Bellini £9

Prosecco with fresh peach puree

Negroni N10 £10.50

Campari, Tanqueray n10, Antica Formula Vermouth 

Aperol Spritz £9.50 

Aperol with prosecco 

Hugo Spritz £9.50 

Prosecco, elderflower, mint & soda 

Garibaldi £8.50

Pressed Clementines, Campari

Classic cocktails

Breakfast Martini £10.50 

Tanqueray 10 gin, Cointreau, fresh lemon & orange marmalade.

Margarita £9.50

Tequila, Cointreau & lime

Hemingway Daiquiri £10.50

Bacardi Rum, Luxardo Maraschino, fresh grapefruit & lime juice

Mojito £9.50

Classic Bacardi Mojito

Pornstar Martini £10

Ketel Vodka, Passoa, passion fruit syrup & pineapple 

Espresso Martini £9.50

Vodka, kahlua, syrup, espresso

Cosmopolitan £9.50

Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry & lime

Seasonal Cocktails

New York Sour £11

Woodford bourbon, fresh lemon, white egg, red wine.

Charlie Chaplin £10

Plymouth Gin, Apricot liqueur, Fresh squeezed lime.

Four Season £10

Hennessy Cognac, Strawberry syrup, Luxardo Maraschino & Elderflower tonic

Midori Pina Colada £11

Bacardi rum, Melon liqueur, coconut milk, fresh pineapple.

Gin & Tonics  (gin 50ml) 

Bombay Sapphire

with lemon,cardamom, lime & Fever-tree Indian Tonic £9

Tanqueray No.10

with orange zest, mint, lemon Fever-tree Indian Tonic £13


with cucumber, mint & Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic £9

Gin Mare

with basil, mango chips, rosemary & Fever tree Meditarranean tonic £11

Monkey 47

with lemon zest, grapefruit, star anise & Fever-tree elderflower tonic £15.50


with lime, cardamom, & Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic £9

William Chase Grapefruit

with grapefruit slice, lemon, lime & Fever-tree tonic £12

Martin Miller

with basil, strawberry, grapefruit & Fever-tree elderflower tonic £10

Beer & cider

Moretti 330ml £4.50

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330ml £4.50

Peroni Red 330ml £4.90

Soft Drinks & Juices

Acqua Panna Still 750ml £4.50

San Pellegrino Sparkling 500ml £3.90, 750ml £4.90 

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta 330 ml £2.85 

Apple, Orange, Peach, Apricot Juice 250ml £3


Espresso £2

Double espresso £2.80

Americano £2.85

Classic cappuccino £2.50

Large Cappuccino £2.90

Tea £2.50

Flat white £2.70

Latte £2.90

Hot Chocolate £3

Mocha £3.20

Full Drinks list


Spirits (25ml) 

Martini Bianco/Rosso (50ml) £1.50 

Campari (50ml) £2.50 

Tequila Herradura Silver/Gold £4.20 

Tequila Don Julio Reposado/Blanco £4.20 

Havana Club Rum £3.50 

Diplomatico Rum £5.50 

Bacardi Reserva 8 Years £4.20 

Bacardi Rum White £2.50 

Amaro Montenegro £2.60 

Hennessy XO £14.00 

Hennessy £3.20 

Remi Martin XO £13.75 

Remy Martin VSOP £4.50 

Remy Martin 1738 £6.50 

Don Julio 1942 £13.50


Gins (25ml)  

Bombay Sapphire/Dry £3.50 

Cotswolds Gin £4.25 

Martin Miller’s Gin £4.00 

Martin Miller’s Gin 9 Moons £14.25 

William Elegant Gin £5.60 

Elephant Gin £4.00 

Monkey 47 £6.75 

Manchester Gin £4.00 

Gin Mare £4.50 

Malfy Gin Rose/Original/Orange/Lemon £3.50 

Chace Gin £5.00 

Chace En Provence £3.00 

Warner’s Rhubarb Gin £4.75 

Hendrick’s Gin £3.50 

Tanqueray Gin £2.80 

Tanqueray No 10 £5.50 

Gordon’s Gin £2.50 

Whisky (25ml) 

Yamazaki 12 Years £12.75 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label £12.75 

Glenlivet 1824 £4.20 

Ardmore £4.20 

Talisker 10 Years £5.25 

Glenmorangie £4.50 

Chivas Regal 12 Years £3.75 

Shackleton £2.80 

Macallan 12 Years £5.50 

Jameson £3.25 

Haig Club 1727 £2.60 

Jura 10 Years £3.25 

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel £4.25 

Jack Daniel’s Fire/Honey £3.20 

Gentleman Jack £3.50 

Jim Bean £2.75 

Buffalo Trace £3.50 

Woodford Reserve £4.00

Tamnavulin Single Malt £4.80

Auchentoshan American Oak £3.60

Aberlour Single Malt £4.80


Vodka (25ml) 

Vodka Retel One £3.10 

Crystal Head Vodka £5.50 

Ciroc Vodka £4.00 

Grey Goose Original/Lemon/Orange/Vanilla £5.00 

Belvedere Vodka £4.20 


Liquors (25ml) 

Limoncello Lucano (50ml) £3.90

Sambuca £2.40 

Amaretto Disaronno £2.75 

Cointreau £3.20 

Frangelico £3.20 

Bailey’s (50ml) £4.50 

Julia Superiore Grappa £3.20